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ALE progress with heavy duty jib fabrication

ALE are progressing with the fabrication of the new heavy duty jib that can fit onto both the AL.SK190 and AL.SK350 cranes.

The new jib will have lengths up to 100m and a 3,400t lifting capacity. The jib is a modular design and can be assembled in different configurations. Like the current crane parts for the AL.SK 190 and AL.SK350 cranes, the heavy duty jib will be fully containerised which reduces transport costs.

ALE started to build a heavy duty jib in March and it has been designed with the newest and strongest available steel grades. In order to weld this material to the highest standard, fabricators and suppliers will need specialist welding procedure qualifications and welding procedure specifications for every single weld, as well as provide a fully traceable material location plan and a weld location plan.

All main components are being made at European fabricators and are currently in production. In addition, an in-house engineering team, working to R&D’s high control standards, will update the control system to enhance safety and make the operation of the crane easier.

The first contract for the jib involves uplifting modules weighing up to 3,000t. The AL.SK350 crane will be in a 37m configuration with a 113m main mast. The job is planned for mid- 2017.

ALE’s Construction Manager Tim van As, who is overseeing the build, said: “We recognised the client’s demand to lift heavier and higher so utilised our in-house R&D team to design a jib with the versility and capacity required. The build is progressing well, we are on track with the construction schedule and we expect the jib to be built by the end of 2016.”

ALE’s R&D is working on a number of new innovations, utilising the experience and knowledge gained by the fabrication of the AL.SK cranes on the other projects. The variety of these other projects range from newly built equipment and maintenance improvements, to the improvement of control systems of existing equipment.


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