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SENNEBOGEN 653: new telescopic crane at work

Near Paris the special foundation experts of Leduc TP are using a new SENNEBOGEN 653 for sheet pile installation in narrow spaces. Another machine has been successfully working for Bauer Spezialtiefbau as a rental crane in Germany.

Located in the southern suburb of Paris, a SENNEBOGEN telescopic cranes is working next to buildings, between sidewalk and pavement. Upon inquiry, the crane is doing sheet piling works to build an underground pit dedicated to place containers for waste and garbage collection. With its compact dimensions and its high flexibility the SENNEBOGEN 653 telescopic crane lifts not only the steel elements in position, it is also carrying the hammer on the hook. With the vibrator the sheet piles are finally driven deep into the ground and strengthen the structure and surrounding buildings.

„Thanks to the robust design and strong Full-power boom of the SENNEBOGEN telescopic cranes our foundation projects can be realized in a confined space and the machine can be maneuvered safely under load,“ says Etienne Brenckmann, Managing Director of Leduc TP.

Rental Crane working for Bauer Spezialtiefbau

“Simple to operate, many uses,” summarizes crane operator UIlrich Knöpke the advantages of the new SENNEBOGEN 653. It was used at Bauer Spezialtiefbau as a rental crane in mid-2016. An expansion of an industrial building required foundation work to lay the slab of the building. Thanks to its flexibility, the crawler-mounted telescopic crane could be used for all the logistics and hoisting work at the construction site. Steel parts up to 19 m long for anchor drilling work, construction equipment and containers were only a few example of the various lifting jobs. Here, the Full Power Boom typical for SENNEBOGEN was able to show off its strengths. It allows operator Knöpke to telescope while travelling and also while carrying a load. The boom can be extended up to 30.4 m. The telescopic crane is powered by a 119-kW diesel engine. Its crawler undercarriage is extendable for maximum stability in any situation.


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