Interview: AKEM Group to erect 36 tower cranes at Ankara jobsite by June 2018

Interview with H. Okan Deligöz, Supply Chain Manager, AKEM Group

With an initial agreement to install a whopping 26 tower cranes at the third largest construction project in Turkey, Turkish-based AKEM Group will now install a total of 36 on the jobsite! Watch this incredible drone footage of the construction work underway, and read the interview with H. Okan Deligöz, AKEM Group’s Supply Chain Manager for all of the jobsite details, and to see which cranes are in use.

Which cranes are being used onsite at the Ankara Etlik Integrated Healthcare Campus?
Initially, 26 tower cranes were slotted to be installed at the Ankara Health Campus as per the agreement with Astaldi – Türkerler joint venture. As per the developing terms, it has been agreed that we’ll be adding 10 more tower cranes to make a total of 36 tower cranes on service on the jobsite. Up until the present day, we’ve completed the installment of 22 cranes, and we are scheduled to complete installment of all 36 cranes by July 2016. In use and to be used, are four types of tower cranes which differ in terms of project needs and loading capacities including Raimondi tower cranes: the MRT152 8t, the MRT144 8t, the MRT111 8t, and the SRT85 6t. The crane lengths vary between 35 m. and 90 m., and the jib lengths range between 50 m. and 65 m.

How long has the Ankara Etlik Integrated Healthcare Campus jobsite existed? When is the expected completion date?
The jobsite was activated in July 2015, and it is scheduled for all work completion by June 2018. The Ankara Etlik Integrated Healthcare Campus project is seen as the second biggest project among ongoing construction projects in Turkey, after the third airport project in Istanbul.

The project is an Astaldi – Türkerler Holding Partnership. How did AKEM Group become involved? Did you approach Türkerler Holding or did they approach AKEM Group?
The Astaldi-Türkerler joint venture approached us to participate by supplying tower cranes during the construction machinery fair staged in May of 2015. They had chance to examine our Raimondi tower cranes range in the showroom. Shortly thereafter, we were sent a bid invitation for the Ankara Etlik Integrated Healthcare Campus. Other than this ongoing massive project, we don’t have any other commercial involvement with Astaldi–Türkerler presently.


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