Liebherr LR13000 with max. lattice boom: The world’s tallest crawler crane

New world record with pulley height of 248 meter.

The Liebherr LR13000 is not only the most powerful conventional crawler crane in the world, it is now also the highest. In July it was erected in its maximum lattice boom configuration at the manufacturing plant in Ehingen, Germany. The combination of the 120 meter main boom and the 126 m luffing jib produces a lattice boom system with an overall length of 246 m. Mounted on the solid crawler chassis, the crane thus reaches a height of 248 m.


This means that the Lr 13000 is 86 m higher than Ulm Minster, which has the highest church spire in the world at 162 m. The crane could lift a load of 624 tons on to Ulm Minster in a single hoist – the equivalent of around 600 small cars.

With its maximum boom length at its steepest angle its load capacity is 68 t. The stability of the boom system was successfully tested on the acceptance procedure site at Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH with a load of 103 t.

World Record

For the world record the LR 13000 was fitted with 400 t of slewing platform ballast and 1500 t of derrick ballast on a special foundation with a large number of lattice segments for the 246 m boom being bolted together on the ground. The derrick winch was then started with its massive rope and the main boom was then slowly raised. The wheels on the pulley cart on which the top of the luffing jib was mounted, also started to turn and the cart moved towards the base machine.

The cables were then installed between the guy rods and the lattice boom to provide additional guying for the luffing jib. The main boom was raised further whilst the luffing jib was angled downwards even further. After the roller cart was released the hook block was reeved in on a 2-line basis. After this the boom system weighing a total of 700 t was raised rapidly. The first load hoisted into the air by the crane was a twin-axle mobile crane, an LTM 1030-2.1 weighing in at 24 t.


The LR 13000 reaches its maximum boom length with the single main boom and the luffing jib. When fitted with the Liebherr PowerBoom, the double boom in the lower section, the achievable lengths are reduced as a result of the higher boom weight, but the load capacities are considerably higher. When fitted with the PowerBoom, which consists of the lattice sections of the standard luffing jib and a strong luffing jib consisting of main boom lattice sections, the LR 13000 can hoist around 330 t to a height of 202 m.



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